Meet Rflect, catalyzing student inner development at scale.

Rflect helps universities and their students to

practice inner development

set personal learning goals

learn future competences

develop metacognition

build a habit of lifelong learning


universities use Rflect in their study programs


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Built with privacy in mind

Reflection is personal. So is Rflect.


Rflect works closely with academic advisors to ensure impact.

The platforms.

As a program director or lecturer, you can effortlessly build a guided reflection plan for your students, schedule relevant reflection topics and track student progress in one intuitive dashboard. Meanwhile, students can engage in reflection anytime, anywhere.

For Lecturers
Student Desktop
Student Mobile

Integrates perfectly with your curriculum.

With Rflect, you can integrate reflective practice into any higher education program, such as a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Certificate of Advanced Studies and other academic programs within minutes. We help you tailor the guided reflection plan to suit your learning outcomes.

1. Your students’ progress at a glance

Get real-time insights into how your students are doing and their skills' development for informed decision-making. This can help reduce costs for external accreditation and assurance of learning processes.

2. Guided reflection

Empower students with tailored reflection questions to deepen their understanding of program experiences and their own personal development. Rflect helps them to set personalized learning goals and train future competences like self-awareness, critical thinking and meta-cognition.

3. Student self-assessment

Students complete evidence-based self-assessment surveys to identify the competences they want to learn and build on during their learning journey. Inspired by the Inner Development Goals framework, these surveys empower students to shape their learning journey effectively.

4. From reflection to action

Rflect bridges reflection with action, offering students a structured pathway to translate personal insights into tangible steps. This facilitates the completion of the learning cycle, boosting student engagement and motivation.

“Rflect is giving us a scalable and cost effective way to help our students develop essential human and future skills.”

Dr. Rachel Brooks Head of Executive Education CSI - University of St. Gallen

Our Mission

We started Rflect because we believe that inner development is key to achieving sustainable development, and that students genuinely deserve better. Simply put, we are convinced that more reflection leads to better outcomes for both people and the planet. Our mission is to enable universities to equip their students with a lifelong habit of inner development. We understand this goal is ambitious, and we take pride in that ambition. Our motivation comes from the vision of bringing inner development to 200 million tertiary students worldwide and supporting universities in redefining their pivotal role in society.

Meet the people behind Rflect

Niels Rot – CEO

Serial purpose-driven entrepreneur, co-founder of Impact Hub Zürich and STRIDE Learning, and father of two. Serves as a lecturer at HSG, ETH, Franklin, BSL, and other institutions. Formerly with ETH & EIT Climate-KIC.

Ivan Jovanovic – CTO

Software developer by calling, with a profound commitment to personal development. Previously at with Microsoft,, and Founder of Loopthrough GmbH and co-founder of Coalist, and father of one.

Ella Stadler-Stuart – CPO

Passionate about impact and inner work, Ella has previously worked at SINGA Switzerland and Impact Hub in New Zealand. Professional coach, facilitator and Director of Studies CAS Women Leading Digital at HWZ.

Robin Hedinger – Product Designer

Multidisciplinary designer and creative developer. Bringing thoughtful ideas to life through design.

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